GE develops its centers in Hungary with an investment of HUF 3.3 billion

General Electric will expand its digital healthcare development centers in Budapest and Szeged with an investment of HUF 3.3 billion, for which the central government will provide HUF 675 million in support, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, at a press conference in Budapest.

Pál Nemesi, the government commissioner, responsible for the complex development of the Southern Great Plain Economic Development Zone, welcomed the investment, adding that well-functioning co-operations and developments can respond immediately to the challenges posed by the coronavirus epidemic. From the point of view of the health industry, the town of Szeged and its University is the stronghold of the Southern Great Plain region.

Endre Ascsillán, GE's Vice President for Central and Eastern Europe, said the investment would launch a new research project that would enable the implementation of artificial intelligence-based solutions developed for global markets.

The development is another important stage in the cooperation between Hungary and GE, which affects the digital unit of GE Healthcare's business, which has been present in Hungary since 2000.