First results have arrived in the investment promotion activity in Csongrad-Csanad County, Hungary

Several investment areas from Csongrad-Csanad County have been involved into the national site database thanks to the work of the County Government.

Cooperation is more and more close between the County Government of Csograd-Csanad and the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA). As a part of this, the county government approached mayors in the region in order to gather the areas that could be offered for potential investors.

So far, there were 6 settlements that raised the attention of HIPA and filled the data sheets prepared by the Agency about their sites. This is the formal way to get into the national database and only after that can they be offered immediately and directly for domestic or foreign investors. According to the information of HIPA, all these 6 settlements (industrial areas) were found suitable to be included in the database.

In the light of the first positive results, County Government of Csongrad-Csanad will continue to encourage the municipalities to contact them if they have either investment areas or any other development ideas in which they can provide assistance.